DC Airco has exhibited on several major shows recently.

DC Airco has exhibited on several major shows recently.

We displayed on the Intelec telecom show in Amsterdam October our new so called ‘Free Cooling’ unit and the 3 +  5 kW  48 vdc powered air conditioning units with great success. 
Many customers and potential customers from all over the world visited our stand and are interested in our energy efficient cooling systems.



On the Railway Interiors show in Cologne Germany we welcomed several existing clients (all happy with the air conditioners we have supplied them!) and some new prospects.

We were showing a working demo unit of our  dc powered split air conditioner for driver cabs. This unit can be manufactured in 24/74/110 VDC or 230/400 VAC and with 5 types of evaporator units. 
The units are fabricated, charged with refrigerant and tested in the factory before shipping. This eliminates charging and testing on site.  

The units can be disconnected from each other by means of quick connectors-without degassing!

With this unit we can pretty much cover all your needs concerning cab cooling without expensive engineering and climate chamber testing. 


    Waarom onze klanten voor DC Airco Airconditioning kiest voor hun professionele installaties :

    • Geen hoge opstart stroom
    • Extreem laag energie verbruik >50%
    • Direct op DC spanning zonder omvormer
    • Sinds 1997 leveren we hoge kwaliteit voor de industriële markt
    • Speciaal gemaakt voor ''Off Grid" installaties 
    • Standard en/of klantspecifieke design
    • Fabriek volledig getest
    • Gering onderhoud nodig
    • Leveringen wereldwijd 

    Laag stroomverbuik

    Extreem lage stroomverbuik met een hoog koelvermogen!!

    Hoge temperatuur design

    Speciaal gemaakt voor hoge omgevings temperaturen.

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