Quality Statement

Quality statement  jan 2011
DC Airco is focusing on supplying reliable energy saving air conditioning products for trains, telecom shelters and trucks. Based on fulfilmentof customers needs, contractual obligations and continuous improvements.
The company is setting up a quality system according to ISO 9001:2008.
The quality system provides for regular checks and improvements of their products to stay focused on customers wishes, safety and management risks.
DC Airco is focused on continuous improvement of its products to serve its customers in the various industries with reliable and safe productsthat save energy.
The company provides total commitment on all levels, to supply quality products. These levels include clients, personnel and suppliers.

Quality at every level and continuous improvement
Design: DC Airco is designing their products with highest possible standards and skills
All units are designed to have long lifespan – low life cycle costs.
Testing: All Dc Airco products undergo extensive testing a climate chamber
Suppliers: DC Airco’s quality control begins with the supplier selection. 
All suppliers are long-term suppliers for many years already and their products are tested before use in our products.
Assembly: All subassemblies and final assemblies made in our factory undergo tests to make sure the quality of the products are highest possible level (no random testing)

Parts, products and processes are under constant audit for improvement to increase the high standard even further. DC Airco is investing continuously in people and equipment to eliminate possible failures. We are shipping 95% of our products to other countries and problems in the field is the last thing we need!


    Waarom onze klanten voor DC Airco Airconditioning kiest voor hun professionele installaties :

    • Geen hoge opstart stroom
    • Extreem laag energie verbruik >50%
    • Direct op DC spanning zonder omvormer
    • Sinds 1997 leveren we hoge kwaliteit voor de industriële markt
    • Speciaal gemaakt voor ''Off Grid" installaties 
    • Standard en/of klantspecifieke design
    • Fabriek volledig getest
    • Gering onderhoud nodig
    • Leveringen wereldwijd 

    Laag stroomverbuik

    Extreem lage stroomverbuik met een hoog koelvermogen!!

    Hoge temperatuur design

    Speciaal gemaakt voor hoge omgevings temperaturen.

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